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Another Search Engine Optimization technique is by commenting to do follow blogs. Just as I said last time in my previous post link building strategy that I'm gonna give you guys a free do follow blogs list where you can get a link juice, get additional amount of traffic and can also influence the result of your site's ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Keep in mind that in order for this link building strategy to be successful you must leave a meaningful comments that adds value to the discussion rather than just leaving your links and not adding any value to the topic. You don't want your comment to look more like a spam that will easily spotted and deleted by the blog owners right?

The following is a list of do follow blogs with their corresponding Google page rank that I gathered for your SEO campaigns.

Do Follow Blogs List 4 4 3 3 5 3 3 4 3 2 1 2 3 6 1 3 3 2 1 2 1 1 2 3 3 4 3 2 4 1 4 1 2 1 5 1 3 2 4 3 3 1 3 2 2 2 4 2 4 3 3

For more do follow blogs list you can download it here.
You can also check their traffic rank and other site details in or If you know other do follow blogs that are not included in the list, you may leave it in a comment. Hope This will help you get started.

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Maximum Hit said...

Very useful information, this will helpful to gain backlinks by posting comments in relevant blogs but most blogs have No Follow tags...
you are providing list of blogs that use do follow, this is ver useful as far as seo is concerned

Jessica said...

Now-a-days link building becomes difficult as blogs and websites using no-follow tag on their comments. Adsense is also a factor that webmasters are not ready to link outside. Anyway, very useful ideas. Thank you.

forex download said...

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.
Nice article about backlink strategy. Many times bloggers focus on just 1 thing they are doing right and fail to understand that backlinking is 1 of many things bloggers must do to gain traffic. You need the total package. I know many of you are looking for free backlinks, but I got to say, there are other ways to get them…
Think outside the box for backlinks and they will come more naturally

Eric Wait said...

Hey I was checking your list out and it is a great list. Your tips and suggestion on SEO and SERP is fantastic I appreciate your sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and the blog list. I ever searched for do-follow blog list over google but unfortunately do not them as there are more spammers who promotes their sites which do have anything of such keywords...Anyways just to add something more on backlinks is that the backlinks are most important part of SEO and you need to get quality backlinks in order to receive a good ranking.

It is one of the best way to promote your traffic.


Kat @ Money, Debt and Taxes said...

Thanks for having my blog on your list!
Great post and I can see you did a lot of work for the list.

MandM said...

My blog is do follow, page rank 4:

Come visit if you want to discuss: Philosophy, Religion, Politics and have a sense of humour!

Richard said...

@MandM I visited your blog and I'm sorry to say that your blog is not a do follow blog, though it has a PR 4..

internet marketing services said...

great tips! thanks for sharing them and keep on posting. i love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Thank you so much! This is by far the best blog on SEO that I've ever seen, and trust me, I've really needed it!!

Check my blog over at:

It's a work in progress haha

Marly said...

I haven't tried doing some seo in my blogs because i am not really familiar how to do this. but with this tips, i guess i should start working on it now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list! i think even after doing optimization its also necessary for you to do internet marketing for your website..

Nilz said...

Excellent list! Thanks a lot for sharing.

e business corporate said...


I see you have a list of do follow blogs. I was wondering if you could add my new do follow blog which is page rank 3 to your list. Link is :

Henry said...

Wow! These are very useful listings of resources for do follow blogs. This is a lot of help that you have provided.

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SEO freelancer said...

This is really very useful information not only this all of your tips are great.

Mountain bikes said...

This list is very useful for all, i hope to gather lots of back links to our site and get nice ranking in all major search engines.

Jhoiceee said...

Great list. Thank you for taking your time posting these. This is really what I'm looking for. Very helpful!

royalegadgets said...

This list is very useful for all

tapout shirts said...

Indeed a great list . Way to go!

Joelchrist said...

Thanks for the list. I have book marked this page for my future reference. It could be useful for back link creation.

search engine placement said...

It's nice of you to share this good list. Looking forward for more! ^^