Web Directory Submission List

What is Web Directory?

Web directory is a directory in World Wide Web. It is a collection of web addresses that are organized in a category format. It specializes in linking to other web sites to provide a unique information system of web pages. A web directory is not a search engine that displays a list of web pages using keywords or key phrases, instead it is a list of web sites in a category. Web directories allow webmasters to submit their site for inclusion and it will be reviewed by the editors before it can be included in the list.

2 types of web directory

Directories that helps to get traffic to your site and does not provide direct link to your website which is not considered as a vote to your website is called Dynamic Web Directory.

Directories that helps to get traffic to your site and provide direct link to your website and considered as a vote to your website is called Static Web Directory.

Web Directory Submission is one great way to get a traffic and also a link back to your web site which can affect your Search Engine Result Page(SERP) rankings. I made some research and I gathered some free web directories that might help you. Here is the Directory Submission list that I got.

Note: Last updated Saturday, February 21,2009

Free Web Directory Submission List

aardvarkbusiness.net 4
abilogic.com 4
amray.com 4
allthewebsites.org 3
ajooja.com 5
anywhere.ca 4
ablazedirectory.com 4
busybits.com 3
businessseek.biz 3
batteryweb.com 4
canlinks.net 5
clickey.com 6
canlinks.net 5
consultant-directory.com 4
clarib.com 3
dramba.com 4
directory.cipinet.com 3
domaining.in 3
directory-online.net 3
directorystorm.com 4
directory-link.info 3
directory-free.com 3
directorydelux.com 4
directory.ldmstudio.com 5
dir.snn.gr 4
exactseek.com 3
eurofind.biz 3
earthstation9.com 4
eliteweb.cc 5
ezilon.com 6
fx1.co.uk 3
fxdir.com 3
foundya.co.uk 3
gimpsy.com 5
geniusfind.com 6
gainweb.org 3
geeksonsteroids.com 4
gdotz.com 3
hrent.com 3
invo.info 3
info-listings.com 5
infotiger.com 6
infignos.com 3
illumirate.com 5
internet-web-directory.com 5
jayde.com 4
linksmatch.com 3
lii.org 8

For more free web directory submission list you can download it here.

You can also check their traffic rank and other site details in www.alexa.com or www.who.is. If you know other directories that are not included in the list, you can leave it in a comment.

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Admin said...

Frankly saying, web directory approach is very new for me. I have learned about article submission, blog submission and social bookmarking site. So I cannot say more about the result of submitting blog to such directory. Your list made me crazy to add my link to all these directories withing next few days... my hearty congratulation for providing such beautiful list and best wishes to all your future endeavors.

I can access this list at any time from your blog because I have added this in my fav list.

The Money Maniac blogger

qishi87 said...

heeyy..thx for the info!!

Garry Conlin said...

Hi, thanks for the lists, I have just started a blog called "Nice World News" and this information is just what I was looking for as I had no idea how to start getting people to see it.
I will be coming back to see what other useful information you have

essensu said...

Wow, thank you for so much great information. I love how you ranked all the sites as well. Thanks again. Your info is so helpful.

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Everything on Groogar —is submitted by our friends (that would be you). Once website url is submitted, url is auto checked and validated if content is which we want it displayed and other people see it. If your submission rocks and receives green signal , it is promoted to the front page for the millions of our visitors to see.

com tips said...

Thanks to share with us.

bestpaidsurveyportal said...

i have bookmark this page because i want to see the web directory list. thanks to this blog owner for this free list..