What is a bad neighborhood

What is a bad neighborhood?

A bad neighborhood are those web sites that use unethical methods to get high search placement in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and these sites are usually banned by the search engines. You should not link to a web site if that particular web site uses unethical method to get high search placement on SERP. If you link to a site that is banned by the search engines for spamming, then you're inviting the risk of getting banned for linking to a bad neighborhood. As soon as the search engine founds out that a particular web site uses unethical methods they will banned it and the sites that links to that particular web site may also be penalized by lowering their rankings or even banned. You can use this free online tool in locating potential problems with your linking strategies text link checker tool.

"Unethical SEO" are those things that are not accepted by the search engine and those that they accepts are called "Ethical SEO". Those are the standards set by the search engines. Following those standards will help search engines index and rank your site. Not following these standards will lead to a site being removed entirely from search engine index or much worst penalized. Since Google is one of the most dominated search engines you can learn more of their webmaster guidelines here.

How Google measures whether a site should be banned or not is a matter of controversy that Google itself only knows. It changes from time to time. Today the method that Google uses may be o.k., but in the next update it may be considered unethical.

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Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 said...

Thank you very much for sharing this tips.

How about a do follow blogs ?
Is that safe for link building or not ??


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forexwatch said...

The problem is in identification of a banned site.

Richard said...

That's why I provided the link to free online tool that can locate potential problems with your linking strategies. Rest is up to you.

Rachel said...

I didn't know there was a tool that can help you identify bad sites. Very cool tip, thanks!

Vinay Rai said...

Thank you I had two bad links which I removed. A very nice and recommended tool for all.

ami said...

Bad neighbourhoods. First came across that term in Joel Comms book many years ago. It is said that posting a link in a bad neighbourhood can get your site banned by Google so it's important to know What links can hurt your site's rankings

But the majority of honestly generated links using forums, blogs, article submissions are safe. So although it is something to be aware of, it certainly should not be the major preoccupation of ethical marketers

Arcadia said...

Your articles are great and they are helping me a lot.Thank you.